Why Attend this Workshop?

The unique aspect of this workshop is to equip and prepare attendees with a working knowledge of business rescue proceedings, its effects on creditors and employees and how different players in different sectors can act to secure the interests of their organizations and/or clients during business rescue.

Workshop Objectives

The main objective of the workshop is to equip mid and top-level business managers with the practical and basic knowledge of business rescue proceedings and its effects to enable attendees to be able to identify which businesses are appropriate for business rescue and which are not. This will shape the decision-making process when one is confronted with a potential business rescue or an actual business rescue. This is necessary to enable strategic decisions to be taken in a timely and cost-effective manner to safeguard the interests of the organisation.

Attendance Requirements

This workshop is for accountants, lawyers, auditors, financial advisors, business people, insolvency practitioners, managers, bankers and trade union representatives who are most likely to deal with financially distressed businesses and therefore require a practical and basic knowledge of business rescue proceedings.

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